Han Yeol Baek

CEO l Dipl.-Ing. Architekt
Univ. Professor l Hannam University



Registered Architect at the Chamber of Architects in Berlin, Germany, No. 15772



2015 PhD Scholarship of Kwanjeong Educational Foundation
2009-2011 Diploma in Architecture with DAAD-Scholarship at Stuttgart University, Germany
2008 Big Tree Design Scholarship, Seoul, Korea
2001-2008 Bachelor in Urban Planning and Architecture at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
2001 Graduation at Kyung-Buk High School, Daegu, Korea



2019- Assistant Professor, KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
2018- Founder, KDAA Korea-Germany Architecture Association
2017- Founder, BAEK Architects, Berlin, Germany
2017 Associate Korea, HENN GmbH, Berlin Germany
2014-2016 Project Manager, KSP Jürgen Engel Architects, Frankfurt, Germany
2012-2013 Project Architect, KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, Frankfurt, Germany
2012 Research Associate (WIMI), Städtebau Institute, Stuttgart University, Germany
2011-2014 Foreign Design Committee, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea
2011-2012 Freelance Architect, Lamott + Lamott Architects, Stuttgart, Germany
2008-2009 Design & Research Assistant, ISA International Stadtbauatelier, Seoul & Stuttgart
2008 Teaching Assistant, Institute of Urban Design, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea


Awards   at BAEK Architekten

2021 1 Prize, Life Care Industrial Support Center, Daegu, Korea l with SAIDAA
2020 3 Prize, Family Center, Hongsung, Korea l with Shinhan Architects

2019 3 Prize, Masterplan Beckersberg, Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany
2019 4 Prize, Northport Redevelopment, Busan, Korea
2018 2 Prize, Incheon Inner Harbor Redevelopment Masterplan, Incheon, Korea l with ASTOC & CHEIL
2018 5 Prize, Public Housing Competition, Ulsan, Korea l with SAC International
2018 1 Prize, Majang Urban Renewal Competition, Seoul, Korea
2017 2 Prize, Zhengzhou Airport City International Competition, Zhengzhou, China l with ISA Stuttgart
2016 3 Prize, Nam-gu Community Center Competition, Daegu, Korea
2016 2 Prize, Handong Univ. Students Dormitory Competition, Pohang, Korea l with Sigong Architects
2014 Entry Prize, Dalseong Citizen’s Hall, Daegu, Korea
2012 Urban Design Prize, UDIK, Korea
2012 2 Prize, Schlaun Competition, Ahlen, Germany
2012 Finalist, 157th Schinkel Competition, Potsdam, Germany
2011 3 Prize, Osong Biovalley International Competition, Korea
2010 Silverprize, Green Design Award, Korea
2008 2 Prize, Harbor Urban Design Competition, Incheon, Korea


Awards    as employee

2016 3 Prize, new building complex at the train station, Esslingen, Germany  l  Project Manager at KSP
2016 2 Prize, Coca Cola site, Nürnberg, Germany  l  Project Manager at KSP
2015 1 Prize, Porsche Auto Office Tower, Hamburg, Germany  l  Project Manager at KSP
2015 1 Prize, Siemens Campus, Erlangen, Germany  l  Project Manager at KSP
2015 1 Prize, Europaviertel Baufeld 26, Frankfurt am Main, Germany  l  Architect at KSP
2014 2 Prize, BASF HQ Hochhaus, Ludwigshafen, Germany  l  Project Manager at KSP
2014 2 Prize, Franziskaner Kloster, Düsseldorf, Germany  l  Project Manager at KSP
2014 2 Prize, Bilfinger Zentrale, Mannheim, Germany  l  Project Manager at KSP
2013 3 Prize, Postgelände, Munich, Germany  l  Architect at KSP
2012 2 Prize, Bürobau am Petriplatz, Germany l Architect at KSP
2012 1 Prize, Kornmarkt Arkaden, Frankfurt am Main, Germany l Architect at KSP
2012 2 Prize, Realschule Osterburken, Germany l Architect at Lamott Architekten
2012 2 Prize, PSD Bank, Saarbrücken , Germany l Architect at Lamott Architects

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