BAEK Architekten was founded in Berlin by Architect Han Yeol Baek in 2017. We focus on Context, Function and Space as main themes of designs. Our aim is to achieve concise and clear architectural language. Based in Berlin and with a cooperation of international partners, we take on a wide spectrum of projects varying in scale, from urban design to architectural details.


Han Yeol Baek

Dipl.-Ing. Architekt



Registered Architect from Architektenkammer Berlin, Nr. 15772



2015                 PhD Scholarship of Kwanjeong Educational Foundation
2009-2011   Diplom in Architecture with DAAD-Scholarship at Stuttgart University, Germany
2008                 Big Tree Design Scholarshop
2001–2008  Bachelor in Urban Planning and Architecture at Hanyang University, in Seoul, Korea
2001                 Graduation at Kyung-buk High-school in Daegu, Korea


Professional Experience

2018-               Founder, UABerlin, Korean-German Architecture Exchange Organization
2017-               Founder, BAEK Architekten, Berlin, Germany
2017                 Associate Korea, HENN GmbH, Berlin Germany
2014-2016   Project Manager, KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, Frankfurt, Germany
2012-2013   Project Architect, KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, Frankfurt, Germany
2012                 Academic Researcher(WIMI), Städtebau Institute, Stuttgart University, Germany
2011-2014   Foreign Design Committee, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea
2011-2012   Freelance Architect, Lamott+Lamott Architekten, Stuttgart, Germany
2008-2009   Design & Research Assistant, ISA International Stadtbauatelier, Seoul & Stuttgart
2008                Teaching Assistant, Institute of Urban Design, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea



2018               2 Prize, Incheon Inner Harbor Redevelopment Masterplan, Incheon, Korea
2018               5 Prize, Public Housing Competition, Ulsan, Korea
2018               1 Prize, Majang Urban Renewal Competition, Seoul, Korea
2017               2 Prize, Zhengzhou Airport City International Competition, Zhengzhou, China
2016               3 Prize, Nam-Gu Community Center Competition, Daegu, Korea
2016               2 Prize, Handong Univ. Students Dormitory Competition, Pohang, Korea
2014               Entry Prize, Dalseong Citizen’s Hall, Korea
2012               Urban Design Prize, UDIK, Korea
2012               2 Prize, Schlaun Wettbewerb, Ahlen, Germany
2012               Finalist, 157. Schinkel Wettbewerb, Potsdam, Germany
2011               3 Prize, Osong Biovalley International Competition, Korea
2010               Silverprize, Green Design Award, Korea
2008               2 Prize, Urban Design Competition, Incheon, Korea


Awards (work as employee)

2016                3 Prize, Neubau Komplex am Bahnhof, Esslingen, Project Manager at KSP
2016                2 Prize, Coca Cola Gelände, Nürnberg, Project Manager at KSP
2015                1 Prize, Porsche Auto Office Tower, Hamburg, Project Manager at KSP
2015                1 Prize, Siemens Campus, Erlangen, Project Manager at KSP
2015                1 Prize, Europaviertel Baufeld 26, Frankfurt am Main, Architekt at KSP
2014                2 Prize, BASF HQ Hochhaus, Ludwigshafen, Project Manager at KSP
2014                2 Prize, Franziskaner Kloster, Düsseldorf , Project Manager at KSP
2014                2 Prize, Bilfinger Zentrale, Mannheim, Project Manager at KSP
2013                3 Prize, Postgelände, München, Architect at KSP
2012                2 Prize, Bürobau am Petriplatz, Architect at KSP
2012                1 Prize, Kornmarkt Arkaden, Frankfurt am Main, Architect at KSP
2012                2 Prize, Realschule Osterburken, Architect at Lamott Architekten
2012                2 Prize, PSD Bank, Saarbücken, Architet at Lamott Architekten



Hee Jae Lee, Sookyung Ryu, Anika Hofschen,
Deacon Lee, Hanyoung Lee, Elena, Placenza, Sara Faraone, Stefano Solinas, Eunho Jung


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