Vienna Central Node_Production 5.0

Status :  Open Competition, 2019
Client : Europan
Location : Vienna, Austria
Program : Mixed-Use, Production, Residential
Site/GFA : 1.178 m² / 3.543 m²
Team : Martyna Lubiszewska, Donghyun Lee



The building’s program is oriented on achieving maximum effectiveness of cooperation between education, business and production. Through joint spaces and fluent communication between them, the project is a comprehensive, far-sighted proposal – the answer not only to today’s but also to future market needs.

The building is based on multifunctional production zones. It is not perceived as a linear cause-effect sequence but as one well-oiled machine. Using the potential of the plot’s environment, such as Secondary Collage of Engineering, Eurogate and Neu Marx, we emphasized the basic functions on which the project was based. Designed spaces (inside and outside) are combined and intertwined between major categories – Research & Development, Startups, Entrepreneurs zone, Events, Product Manufacturing and Distribution. All this is also closely related to the zero-waste area, which uses production residues to produce green energy, supporting the operation of the entire building. In accordance with the „productive city“ concept, the production functions have been complemented with housing spaces and public spaces that provide access to everyday life needs and provide high quality of live for everybody. In public areas, zones to promote a healthy lifestyle, spaces disseminating ecology, zero-west and green mobility have been provided. The gradation of space, from public, through semi-public, semi-private and private ones, ensures that everyone will find a place suitable for him.

The introduction of the city’s heartbeat into production spaces means that production is no longer an isolated machine-zone. Today, production gives dynamics to everyday life, drives and connects society.



The new building complex will be developed with a regarding of entire masterplan, which one developed along the Rennweg in Neu Marx. The biggest potential of the site is the location near by Neu Marx, which is developed for Mixed-Uses especially Research and Residentials. Neu Marx is located between Vienna city center and airport and the site is also well-access to public transportation and is connected directly with Metro station Vienna Bio Center St. Marx.

The Main building will be the central action point as a pilot project with a relationship of Neue Marx development. It will contain different functions such as business, education, culture and production on lower part, underground as well as residentials above the main structure. The unique function of the building complex is production. From the history, the industry and production are relocated from the city center to outside of the city. But currently, with a development of technology and industry, we have chance to integrate production in the city again.



The building volume on the Landstraßer Haupstrße is set back with creating the public square in front of the building and on the Grasberger street on the southern part. The 2xx m x 30 m size volume is divided in small volumes horizontality and vertically and creates dynamic silhouette of the building complex.

The Building complex will be developed in 2- 3 steps with regarding of 2 ownerships of plots. Principally the building is modularized with different size (ex. 15 m x 30 and 20 m x 40 m) and stacked up and offset horizontally. In the middle of the Site (between to plots) are created the creative corridor, where everyone and diverse programs can get together like a open-common space. On the upper levels over more storages, void spaces will be created between modules, which can be used for communication and social uses. On the basement all programs except residential will be organized and above it will be planned for residentials – Apartment, Hotel, Student dormitory etc.

Each function is represented to outside with their module and subsequently volume. The Basement has a double skin with a different transparence on the facade, which are covering whole volume of lower part. This makes the building can be shown as a one building ensemble. On the other hand, the huge mass of the building complex is divided in readable scale through void spaces behind the façade. The volume of residential part will follow the principle of building composition and only the volume will be separated and reduced to upper part to maximize the quality of living and to avoid the visual disruption between different inhibitors.

On the corridor, different functions are visible through the overhang and set-back volumes and furthermore the underground floor, which is used for robot production, is visible through glass floor. It gives the incredible identity between architecture and production. This area is planned as an outdoor space and outdoor ramps connect different levels and each core can be easily accessible from the corridor.

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