Linz Wegscheid

Status : Finalist, Open Competition, 2019
Client : LAWOF Landeswohnungsgenossenschast
Location : Linz, Austria
Program : Masterplan, Residential
Site/GFA : 2.4 ha / 28.142 m²
Team : Martyna Lubiszewska, Florian Greiner, Sooyeon Cho




On the construction site in Linz Wegscheid is being created residential district, an identity-generating. In addition to the quality of the location and the communal living is of great importance for the success of the neighborhood. A high quality of living in the open spaces is as important as the opportunity to unite new district and greenery. Thus, the prerequisite surrounding will be created for a high quality of living. The aim is to create a new integrated urban district, which fits in well with the surrounding environment and reacts sensitively to the adjacent residential buildings as well as taking on the function of a new town center. The district forms a central starting point between heterogeneous building structures in the surrounding area, which offers a meeting place. The underlying block structures are structured by different building typologies (for example multi-storey housing, city villas and optional terraced houses) in the loosened formal idiom, picking up the oblique axis of the building structures in the west, creating an exciting spatial structure through high points and thereby creating an image-defining city perspective. In the west, they create clear structural edges that define public spaces and, at the same time, shelters for neighboring, small-scale buildings, creating squares, green spaces and giving residents or visitors an identity of space to stay and enjoy.

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